Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The upper east side of upcycle

previously on "upcyclish": Decafe lamps made me floating in my imagination to my other life in parallel universe, and there, they are:
Hello sweety darling, I'm Laura Green. I work in a bio energy venture capital fund (Wall street, of course). Recently I moved with my family to 740 Park Avenue (corner of 71st Street, you know...). When I am in the mood for a quick morning coffee, you can find me at Sant Ambroeus on Madison Avenue. Darling - what's 100$ for a breakfast when you pay 1,000 $ on every minute you are late for a meeting?
So, here are my interior-Eco-chic-designer's few recommendations for our new living room, which I obviously approved them all because SHE IS my admirable hero. (true, I gave a ring to a good pal of mine Larry Gagosian, and she was his first choice...)

{1} NAif - Carina van den Bergh. Well, there is nothing naive in this multifunctional minimalistic furniture, I tell you darling.
{2} Decafe - Raul Lauri. As my admirable hero said: It's a must!
{3} Cloudscape - Joon and Jung. Between Moon and Sun...
{4} Hemp chair - Werner Aisslinger. Natural fibers which are moulded under heat.
{5} Love me bender - Breaded Escalope - I don't think I got it. Are they for real? are they artists? designers? chefs? what the heck?
{6} Potrero - Alexandra Kehayoglou - I can feel Julie Andrews is singing in my living room.
{7} The Edible Selby - The Selby's second book - that's a present from my admirable sweety hero... photographs of the most creative and interesting people in food around the world.
{8} Snail hooks - IHanna - So it's not ecological - hang me!
{9} Hush - Freyja Sewel - Escapism inside escapism... Hush is made from 100% wool felt and its cushions are stuffed with recycled wool fibers. That's what they called emotional designed shape?
{10} The Long Drawers - Oliver Taylor - Hero says it's sustainable only if you take into consideration it's classic quality design. This piece of immortal furniture can run in the family for years.
Well I was mumbling a lot, wasn't I? I'm off to Le Cirque darling, going to meet some friends for dinner... we have to go over the details of next week Junior League's event... 
Tea time - Breaded Escalope: 

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