Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brigitte's stuff

"These are hard times for dreamers"
Amélie (2001) Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (original title)
Thinking of Brigitte Cartier I have in mind this image of Audrey Tautou as Amélie.
Well, she is french, an artist (studied at the Beaux-Arts), full of charm, love, good will, tons of empathy, lots of ideas, lots of energy, creative energy that shouts its way in colors and materials to burst out. Some "Great balls of fire" this Brigitte...

In Israel she is well known establishment in the upcycle scene. She is responsible to the revolution of the visitor center of Hiria - the biggest landfill in Israel. As Karen Chernick wrote: (Brigitte) " the magician responsible for transforming the Hiria garbage dump into an upcycling design Mecca."

When chatting with her on a cozy winter day, in her charming apartment, with a cup of tea in my hand, I asked her, how could she convert the life in Paris (the absolute capital of beauty) to a life in Tel Aviv? She said it's not always easy living here (especially these times...), but as an artist she also finds it, very interesting and inspiring: hard, ruff, fanatical, full of hate, but than again full of love, high involvement and open minded.

Lets go over Brigitte's stuff

She cut carpets founded in the street
Notes on the wall
Her own acrylic Rembrants
She just threw something on the lamp
Heart - brought by her dog from the street
Stuff founded in the street with her gold touch
A sketch for a pillow

Dolls collection
Collector - did I say?
Stuff on the door she upcycled from plastic bags
Left overs from Hiria - upcycled cans

Upcycled interior designs of Brigitte in the Hiria" visitor center

Upcycled stuff in the main hall of Hiria

Upcycled plastic bottles, cork and tires 

Upcycled interior designs of Brigitte in the ecological store - "The Green Fairy"

Upcycled lamp - from plastic leak leftovers

Big red flower - upcycled plastic bags and green pipe

Toys Chandelier

Upcycled stuff from The Bat-Yam Biennial of Landscape Architecture
Cooperation of: Ben Cabelli, Amir Weiser & Brigitte Cartier - Garage Beige: studio for green design

Street light - upcycled stuff

The movie from the biennial - Street art from recycled bicycle:

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