Monday, December 24, 2012

esc. Now!

That idea of escapism... these words could sum up my life. Ella Maillart

Escapism {1} Decafe lamps.

Absolute design (Minimalistic organic-emotional shaped).
Renewable and biodegradable material (Made from recycle coffee grounds)
(of sustainable design)

No wonder the Spanish designer Raul Lauri, won the Salone Satellite award 2012 for the Decafe project. The perfect Decafe lamps made me want one of my own, and than made me go wondering where should I put that one, and that thought led me fantasying about my "other life": my other career, my other apartment in some other place in the world... - YES! It's escapism for the pure essence of it, and as Jordana Brewster said: "I think escapism is really important". And in that case, my upcycled - upper east side - living room - look collection - will be served on my next post...

Escapism {2} Watching a good movie starring: interior.
You can check my collection on pinterest.

The interior design of the movie The Ghost Writer (Roman Polanski).

Escapism {3} Wandering at the The Cool hunter's site

La Banane Hotel - St. Barts

Escapism {4} Good Night and sweet dreams:-)

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