Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The lab girls

The lab <1> Ab-cyc-lutely design studio
For the Kulla girls sustainability is definitely in their blood. They drink from reused jam jars. Their place is full of lost vintage furniture waiting to be repaired. Their studio's design projects are usually characterized with community or environment contents (or both), such as designing agriculture children's farm. In general they believe in reduction instead of mass production.

The lab <2> Upcycle the shutters
Adi Shpigel and Keren Tomer go along since their product design studies at Shenkar College. At those times they have noticed a repetitive behavior - many people in Israel have changed their 60's plastic shutters for glass windows. After they have managed to get a stock of those hated shutters they started observing them, checking them and testing them. The solving of the shutters puzzle came from the side look of them - their profile. Than they could thread iron through the inner part of the shutter, and by that to strengthen it enough for seating. Another option they discovered to upcycle the shutter is to slice it, and than join the slices to a decorative screen.

The lab <3> Upcycle the sawdust
This time sawdust was in question. What could they do with it? How could they glue it? The girls tried time after time all sort of solutions until smoke was out of the "lab". One day they had their Eureka:-)! They cooked the sawdust together with reused-colored-nylon-shopping bags and for their surprise, it was the ultimate design complete solution, without using any glue and upcycling the bags as well.

The lab <4> The Liar- Truth-Teller Enigma
The famous puzzle from The Labyrinth (1986)

Left Door Knocker: It's very rude to stare! 
Sarah: Oh! I'm sorry, I was just wondering which door to choose. 
Left Door Knocker: What? 
Right Door Knocker: It's no good asking him, he's deaf as a post! 
Left Door Knocker: Don't talk with your mouth full! 
Right Door Knocker: I'm not talking with my mouth full, I... 
Sarah: Wait, wait, I can't understand you. 
Left Door Knocker: What were you saying? 
Right Door Knocker: Ah! Mm. Oh, oh, it is so good to get that thing out. 


The solution:
"Guard, what would the other guard say if I asked him where his door leads?”

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