Friday, December 7, 2012

Check out the lights!

Light - in the "Kabbalah" they say you need only a small candle to light up a dark cave...
Spiritual speaking, I had my own enlightenment a few months ago. It was one afternoon in the playground, and BOOM! - there it was - a bright clear thought: I don't have to do what I was doing anymore...
Designing speaking - lighting is the most influencing design element, when exploring a new place.
Upcycling speaking - check out these lights:

Degross - the charming option

Degross' designers found in their studio's back yard some glass bottles that I must say they were so beautiful at their original condition that I could just take them home like they were. Than, with a gifted talent and golden hands they made this wonderful breathtaking desk lamp. One of this purchases that I would if I could.

The "Making Of" - Utrem Lux - High (light) quality. I loved the soundtrack.

A liter of light - the humane option

It goes like this: you take a plastic liter bottle, you put inside of it water, you put it on the roof in a kind of way that third of the bottle above the roof and the other part is below the roof, and you'll be surprised how lightening this is. That's the idea of The "liter of light" project, which is implemented in poor areas all over the world.

When you watch the above movie, you should put up in your mind that it is taking for a plastic bottle 450 year to decompose.

A can lantern - the DIY option

As a former graphic editor of the biggest wedding catalogue in Israel, I can't skip on a "Martha Stewart" kind of lantern. You can try this at home (thanks for Inhabitat)

A Posca chandelier - the hipster option

Posca's markers were upcycled by the Ambiance's team, for a beautiful chandelier. 40 "dead" markers. Each marker has LED lights inside of it, making the original color glow in its glory. And the best part is that, all the lamps together use just 28 watts of power, less than half of a normal household globe.

I, for myself, can settle for a small candle if I have a good old friend and a good chat (and a good wine bottle)...

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