Sunday, December 15, 2013


Pashut means simple in Hebrew, and that's the way craftsman Amnon Lipkin describes his work. He likes the way you can simply see how he made the object. It's not a magic and it's not hidden. 

His whole vibe speaks the same language - simplicity and modesty. He remembers himself since he was 18th, always walking with a needle and an embroidery string stuck in his pocket. Later on, he found himself, by the conservative expectations working in a hi-tech company as an engineer. Very soon he took off to Rome, Portugal, London and center of America. There, in Guatemala he was sewing, fixing things, usually helping friends in their local business. Over the years he explored many techniques and materials. He likes to work with plastic, craft board, cloths and strings, expressing with them his personal voice. This days, he is into sewing urban landscapes of Tel Aviv. 

Amnon has a very gentle and genuine way to chose some old and "ugly" images, that we didn't notice and maybe even hated in the past, and showing them in a new, warm and nostalgic kind of handmade way.


  1. I love his work and bough a few things on our last trip. Does anyone know if he has an Etsy store or website?

    1. Hi, you could e-mail him and ask him: . Happy New Year!


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