Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas lights

Coming up Christmas is a perfect timing to share with you "Lightly" - a charming project by Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg. Colorful clothes-pegs that illuminates the streets at night.

I didn't figure yet what is more enchanting for me: the designer's involvement in the street look, their brave choice of dealing with the laundry issue (here in Israel the land of milk, honey and lots of sun, we still sin using drying machines), or mostly the clever choice of using the sun twice, once for drying the clothes, and the other for charging the clothes-pegs by solar energy.

The Lightly clothes-peg contain a simple electric part which includes - solar panel, led, night sensor and battery pack. At day time Lightly charges itself by the sun energy and when it gets dark, the night sensor will automatically turn on the light.

The view of clothes hanging in the streets is disappearing of modern cities. Thanks to Lightly it might have a come back, and we - might even hang our laundry in the sun.


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