Friday, November 30, 2012


I found it very comforting getting into an old pair of jeans after a long day wearing high heals and a skirt. It's like saying: "Honey I'm home".
That warm feeling of used jeans is what magnetize Tomer Glerenter to his denim business.

Glerenter collects old jeans since he was a teenager in the 90's. He had started to buy big amount of those old denim two years ago, and called them Deadenim.

Glerenter is a kind of an expert about the Denim. He knows exactly all the small differences between the brands and their replicas. He can tell by feeling of the cloth in his hands and by watching the finish of the stitches, the age of the jeans and its price on the market.

The stock market of the denim is really prosperous. For example a Levi's denim with a capital 'E' is worth a lot more than with a small 'e' because it means the jeans is before 1971 (when the logo had been changed). Another example is the world's oldest (1897) pair of jeans. They worth more than their weight in gold: $150,000.

That's not a jeans - That's Lycra! (I'm such an 80's girl...)

After Glerenter puts his hands on the denim, he upcycles them:

He makes halls in his secret scientific way.
I would wear it with a Versace white-chiffon-cream blouse.

He puts them into chemical process and colors them in a creative way.
I would wear it with blue Havaianas.

He rivets them.
I would have to add 2 inch height and to color my hair to red.

Full combination: halls + color + rivets.
I would wear it with a black torn pantyhose.

Glerenter's shorts are very trendy and young, but when it comes to old things -
"Quality never goes out of style":

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