Friday, November 23, 2012

The colors of black

When I was a teenager I had this complete perfect image of my future woman's look - wearing only black cloths. Not a black "The Cure" printed t-shirt, but the clever Yohji (Yamamoto) kind of black (in that time I didn't really know who was he).
First time I met Elanit Neutra's bags I knew I love them for they were all black.
Elanit  is coming with the rock-blond-tall girl look, and if one's look say something about one's garbage collection, so tiers would be definitely a perfect match for her.

She studied graphic design (apparently we were overlapped for two years in Wizo Haifa Academy of Design). Than she continued to study interior design, post production and worked as a set designer. In all of that time she was always collecting tiers from the streets and "played bags" with them. Eventually this hobby became her business.

Her work shouldn't be "hash tagged" as fashion unless you consider the "timeless - must have in my wardrobe" side of it.

The tiers arrive on a special delivery from someone who actually sells this stuff. For Elanit, opening that pile of the black treasure and finding out what colors came from the black this time, is the highlight of the whole process. There is something very exciting in opening a box full of surprises, something that recreates our childhood innocent experience.

The tiers come with all kind of texture: smooth, striped, colored stripes, dense stripes. Some look like washed jeans and some have typography on them. The last kind is my favorite.

That's my own interpretation for "The colors of black"

The different variety of the original material are the reason for the "one of a kind" result.

That's the Neutra I'll buy right after I would buy an iPad.

That's the Neutra I'll have for the change from the iPad.

I like that Neutra's designs are flowing peacefully with the material and not giving in to it, that's what makes the result so quietly perfect.

I think this is the version of Neutra for the "Little Black Dress".

And that's my Neutra :-)

Neutra plays for so long with tiers, she knows exactly the way they move, so she moves on designing jewelry, furniture, baskets, planters and more to come.

And as the Yohji said: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don’t bother you - don’t bother me".”

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