Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A beautiful mistake

Industrial designer Shahar Kagan

{An old thing}
Leftovers of low density polyethylene from the recycled plastic industry, and leftovers of polyurethane - from professional painting factories.
{First mistake}
The whole thing began with his bachelor project at the H.I.T. Shahar explored the story: "Steadfast Tin Soldier" by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. He figured out that the soldier's lack of one leg, is due to one air bubble that got into the process. It was a mass production mistake.

{A beautiful mistake}
Inspired by that, Shahar functioned as a lab technician, exploring mistakes on the assembly line by playing and controlling the material. This wonderful adventure ended with his project: FRozenPlastic - series of bowls and light fixtures, 'one-of-kind' products that where part of an "hand made assembly line". Now days he just ended another project: The Fossil. He found paint factories that use professional Polyurethane paint, used their paints leftover to cover MDF wood pallets one layer after another, sanded the surface to expose the layers pattern and eventually used the painted wood as furniture application. From this experiment he have made the following cabinets.

{And more}
As a gag to his friend's wedding, he invented "The Mustache". Please have the honor to be amused by them - here.

Shahar Kagan - kind of lab technician industrial designer

Colors from professional painting factories

Natural mistake - a beginning of The Fossil Project

Sketch for The Fossil Project

The Fossil Project

The Fossil Project

The Fossil Project

FRozenPlastic project

FRozenPlastic - a beautiful controlled mistake

FRozenPlastic - a lab project
FRozenPlastic - recycled plastic and natural apples
FRozenPlastic - to control the mistake

More of Shahar's beautiful mistakes process you can watch at
 "Homemade plastic extruder" movie:

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